Our private and semi-private duet sessions are scheduled one at a time in our studio to ensure full focus and concentration. Our teachers are expertly trained to use all mat and equipment exercises in the repertoire to challenge the client appropriately and effectively. We believe that this is the best way for Pilates to be taught to truly absorb the work and all its benefits.

Private Sessions at Pilates Body

Getting Started

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Pricing Per Teacher as of January 1, 2019:

Initial Package Prices:

5 Sessions – Private $420.00 | with Jody $490
5 Sessions – Duet (per person) $340.00 | with Jody $375
Single Private Session – $90.00 | with Jody $100
Single Duet Session: $70 | with Jody $80

First session includes: Postural evaluation, health history, goal setting, basic principles. All sessions are 60 minutes in length, and include equipment and mat-based exercises.

Private Sessions

$850.00 | with Jody $950

$1,500 | with Jody $1,800

Duet Sessions (per person)

$650.00 | with Jody $700

$1,200 | with Jody $ 1,300

Sessions are by appointment only and must be pre-paid.
We accept cash/checks only.
24 hr. cancellation notice required to avoid full class charge.

No perfume or fragrance please!

Private sessions at Pilates body
Jody Stern instructor
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